Using Converse’s Target Market to Create a Facebook Ad (Grade)

At the start of a new business, among the first things that need to be done is to have the target market specified. After reading articles, paying close attention to the Facebook/YouTube/Tumblr pages and e-mails of Converse, it can be concluded that they target teenagers and young adults ages 15-24 who have creative and rebellious personalities.


In the early 1900’s, Converse came out with the first basketball shoe and as basketball became more popular, so did the shoe. Their most popular shoe, Chuck Taylors, have been seen on the courts of mostly High Schools, but were picked up as the NBA shoe in the 1930’s. Through the eras of punk-rock and grunge music, the shoes were still widely worn. Having been worn by so many diverse people, the market changed from athletic sportswear to casualwear (“Converse’s All-Star Image“). Although Converse shoes are worn by a wide variety of people that do not directly fit into the target market, their advertisements consist of young adults and teenagers who are expressing themselves in various ways. This is also who they target, and can be described as “rebel consumers” (Canning and Janik).

The age most people want to be unique and expressive is between Converse’s target market age range, 15-24. This is the time in a person’s life when they are trying new things and discover him/herself. Music is one of the most popular of expressing individuality. Chuck Taylors have a perceived look of self-expression, which is shown greatly in the Converse YouTube videos which consist mostly of various music videos of band member’s rocking the shoes.


Another way that Converse has appealed their creative personality target is by giving the option to customize your own sneaker.


The “Shoes are Boring” Campaign is also targeted towards people who want to have more fun.

Applying These Findings to Build a Facebook Ad

 I chose to do the new Chuck Taylor All Star tie dye line and created this ad:


 The ad will appear on the right column of Facebook for users who meet the following


I have chosen those types of music genres because they are the types that are included in their music videos and commercials.


Converse’s Chuck Taylors are the world’s best selling shoe ever. This has given Converse great brand recognition. However, like any business, Converse has a target market of people that are most likely to purchase their products because of what their products represent, individuality and creativity.


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  1. connorh29

    I really liked the ad you created. I think the play on the word dye was perfect. I definitely agree with you on the type of people to target, and using facebook to target these people specifically is the best way because they list their music interests in their bio.

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